In August 2009, our company passed the quality, environmental and occupational health safe management system authentication and passed recheck in 2012. And our company stepped into outstanding performance management mode by building chief quality control officer system. Our company is famous for perfect testing methods, advanced equipments and stable product quality. Independent developed mixed benzene capillary tube chromatographic detection technology was rewarded of National Invention Patent (patent number: ZL 200910135694.9), which has important significance on the promotion of product quality. As the first draft unit, our company takes part in the industry standards and 5 enterprise standards of o-dichlorobenzene, para-dichlorobenzene, 2,5-Dichloronitrobenzene and 2',4'-Dichloroacetophenone products. Our products quality index is higher than standard index tested by authority departments. Our o-dichlorobenzene and 2,5-Dichloronitrobenzene products are Nantong famous products.